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Health & Safety

Health & Safety Information

D.S. ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES are based in Leiter, Kilmacrennan, Co. Donegal. Mr Denis Sheridan is the Company Manager and Founder. The Company are established since 1997. The Company specialises in clearing blocked drains and septic tank emptying.

The Managers understand their duties under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, the Health, Safety & Welfare (General Application) Regulations 2007 and the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2006 as outlined in the following Safety Statement.

All employees have attended the ‘SAFE PASS TRAINING PROGRAMME’ and hold SAFE PASS registration cards.

D.S. ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES has not experienced any accidents/serious incidents to date.

The company exercises safety practices and maintains safety awareness on a day-to-day basis.


‘D.S. ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES’ Company policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all employees. This will be done through the provision of information, training and supervision as required for this purpose. The company also accepts responsibility for the health and safety of other people (public, visitors etc.) who may be affected by the company’s activities.

‘D.S. ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES’ will comply with all Regulations and Codes of Practice dealing with health, safety and welfare where applicable.

Structures, equipment and systems of work will be maintained and/or arranged so far as is reasonably practicable, in order to ensure safety and absence of risk to health.

All employees are responsible for maintaining high standards of personal health and safety to ensure their own protection and that of others. All safety equipment provided shall be used in the manner for which it is intended. Employees shall ensure that any such equipment is not damaged or abused and shall co-operate in the compliance with all relevant statutory duties.

Details of safety arrangements applying to specific work areas are contained in this remaining document.

A copy of the ‘D.S. ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES’ Health and Safety Statement will be available for inspection by all employees within the company. Employees are encouraged to put forward suggestions for improvement to the statement.


D.S. ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES has devised a safety programme that they will directly administer.

The following elements are included:

  • • Conduct regular safety audits of all work activities to identify hazards, assess risks and control the hazards.
    • Identify training needs and provide training where necessary and appropriate.
    • Ensure employee consultation and distribution of necessary information on safety, health and welfare issues.
    • Ensure adequate employee co-operation in order to achieve the success of the programme.
    • Ensure regular revision of the programme as necessary
    • Allocate resources to administer the programme.

Specialised Confined Space Entry Unit

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Training, apart form being a legal requirement is one of the most effective ways of establishing and maintaining high standards of health and safety. It is impossible to legislate against human error but well trained employees are less likely to cause or to suffer accidents than untrained persons.

‘D.S. ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES’ recognises that training and instruction by competent persons is an important safety tool.

Each employee will be trained in basic safety during induction. Part-time and casual employees must also receive induction training. Employees’ training is not only concerned with imparting facts but also with motivating employees to face up to their responsibilities and to be equipped to deal with emergencies.

Safety induction training will include:

      • Introduction to key personnel responsible for health and safety, including the Safety Representative. An explanation of their role within the company will be given;
      • Shown the contents of the Safety Statement
      • Given information on safe working practices that will be expected of them
      • Employees will be provided with personal protective equipment, given instruction on when and how to use it;
      • Accident reporting methods
           • The requirement to report hazards on-site and defects in machinery and equipment explained to them;

Company Managers shall ensure that all employees have received ‘Safe Pass’ training and have been issued with a ‘Safe Pass registration’ card. Also all plant operators shall receive the Construction Skills Certification Scheme on plant operation and issued with CSCS registration cards.

At the beginning of each year, ‘D.S. ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES’ will prepare a plan outlining in detail the training to be carried out within the safety function. The company will keep training records, which will include:

      • The name(s) of the employees member being trained
      • Date of training and amount of time taken
      • Training details and methods used
           • Signature of trainer and employee to the effect that training has been carried out

‘D.S. ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES’ will keep records of courses attended on FormC.

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