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Sludge Dewatering & Recycling


Our Solution

DS Environmental can separate grit and rag from solid/liquid slurries.

Sludge Waste screening technology brings the following benefits to the sludge screening process:

Elimination of blockages – The screen’s simple design means that whatever type of material is pumped onto the screen, it will be able to process it. There is nowhere for rag to block within this system. 

High processing rate

 The nature of the high-frequency vibrations break the surface tension on the sludge and allow it to be processed through the apertures very quickly. Our screens can operate up to 77L/s at a dry solids content of 6% and can comfortably work on high thickness sludge. The result is that our screens can process directly from inter-site tankers, avoiding the need for buffer storage tanks.

 High screenings retention rate

The screening size (i.e. the separation size) can be easily modified depending on the application in which it is being used. Furthermore, the vigorous nature of the screen ensures it is virtually impossible for particles larger than the screening size to pass through the screen.

Tankered Waste material is processed from tank cleaning operations through CD Enviro's material recovery and recycling equipment, ensuring that minimum excess waste is produced.

Typical tank cleaning operations will involve the removal of a proportion of fine mineral and organic material as well as rag and other waste products. By employing our material classification and dewatering expertise we are able to:

  • Maximise recovery of water
  • Minimise waste volumes
  • Produce a dewatered fine mineral material with a range of further applications 

Wet Well Waste can often plug or damage pump impellers, so periodic cleaning is required to remove the solid material from the lift station.

The intent of sewer line, manhole and pump station cleaning is to remove all sludge, dirt, sand, rocks, grease, and other solids or semi-solid material from the pipe, manhole or wet well so that defects are not obscured and to allow the water level to drop so that defects are visible.

Regular wet well cleaning can help ensure longer plant uptime, reduce maintenance costs and reduce the chance of plant failure through blockages and pump failure.

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