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Forecourt Services

Garage & Forecourt Services


It is ESSENTIAL to have a good system in place to ensure that both your customers and staff stay healthy and safe.
DS Environmental can provide your business with a service that can do exactly that ensuring a


• Cleaning of Petrol and Car Wash Interceptors
Waste and Oil need to be removed, separated ,treated , recycled or disposed of safely according to the regulations of the governing body.

• Power Washing of Canopies, Gullies and Forecourts
First Impressions count. You want your customers to enjoy the experience of visiting your garage . Keep your forecourt a clean and safe environment by having it power washed occasionally.

• Unblocking of Drains
Do you provide toilet facilities for your customers and staff ?
On occasion problems can arise causing a backup in your drains, whether it be due to heavy rainfall, a blockage, or could be hi- lighting a potential problem.
We have the correct equipment to deal with this situation quickly, hopefully avoiding disruption and loss of business.
In the event that it has not been possible to locate the blockage or the problem is arising on a regular basis, we have a CCTV surveillance van. It quickly sources the blockage or blocked pipe, eliminating the high cost of excavating large areas. It also provides a detailed structural pipe survey .

• Septic Tank Cleaning and Service
It is very important to have your Treatment Plant/Septic Tank cleaned regularly. Save the embarrassment of a foul smell coming from your drains, a backed up toilet causing a spillage of raw sewage or a blocked percolation area. Also it is important to abide by the Environmental Protection Agency and County Councils regulations.

• Removal and Service of Grease Traps
If you have catering facilities on your premises you will more than likely have a grease trap .This should be emptied every couple of months or more dependant on the use and how busy you are. If you dont empty it regularly it could give off a pungent smell making it unpleasant for your customers and staff. It could cause a blockage in the drains with an overspill from the grease trap. Again more cost involved.

These services can be offered as a complete Service Maintenance Contract or Singularly as and when required.

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